Author:kenchicjunrei 日々の生活の関心ごとと建築とか、投資、金融政策、支配層のこと、などについて書いています。 記事の多いカテゴリー: 歴史・日本建国 (26)、核と人工知能 (38)、金融と起こされる事件 (45)、金融経済投資 (44)

Three Maiden Oracles (Three Himikos) 3人の乙女オラクル=預言者(3人の卑弥呼) 

(ブログ『新・日本の黒い霧』の以下の記事を転載) https://blog.goo.ne.jp/adoi/e/5d927427cbdeec93aed9c78008e08113 2018-05-02 10:55:40 / 連絡用記事Three Maiden Oracles (Three Himikos)Long long time ago, three maiden oracles were dispatched to the kingdom currently called Sweden. Unfortunately, they were deceived by a fake king and forced to serve demons. Occasional rulers following that era had taken a...
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